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Meghamalai - Treasure of Nature

Meghamalai,(Tamil:மேகமலை) popularly called High Wavy Mountains, is a cool and misty mountain range situated in the Western Ghats in Theni district, Tamil Nadu. It is a place of natural beauty dotted with cardamom plantations and tea estates. The place is situated at an elevation of 1,500 m above sea level and it is rich in flora and fauna. This area, now mostly planted with tea, includes Cloudlands, Highwavys and Manalaar estates, the access to which is now largely restricted. It still includes large untouched remnants of evergreen forest.

There is a long-pending proposal with the Tamil Nadu Forest Department to establish the Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary on 600 km2 of forest in the division. Priority tasks in the sanctuary should be the control of poaching and the use of pesticides, the elimination of ganja (Cannabis sativa) and the cultivation and scientific management of watersheds. The Megamalai Wildlife Sanctuary can be an excellent buffer to the Periyar Tiger Reserve and Grizzled Squirrel Wildlife Sanctuary and can immensely strengthen conservation in the southern Western Ghats, the range of hills south of the Palakkad Gap.

Getting There Meghamalai can be reached from Theni via Chinnamanur which provides you with a scenic experience. Theni is about 76 kms away from Meghamalai and 120 kms from Madurai. There are buses which start from Dindigul. Thirumalai Nayakkar Palace In Madurai The nearest airport is Madurai and the railway station is as well in Madurai. The roads leading you to Meghamalai are in pretty bad shape. The distance from Bangalore to Meghamalai via Kodai road is about 501 kms and Via Thekkady is 578 kms.

You can take a tour to these estates and plantations to indulge in the cool locales of Meghamalai. A highly diverse system of flora and fauna exists in an ecosystem of Meghamalai. Various animals that are often sighted in this place include the Wild Gaur, Spotted Deer, Wild Boar, Lion-tailed Macaque, Sloth Bear, Grey Jungle Fowl, Smooth-coated Otter and the Flying Squirrel.

It is also home to over 100 species of birds like the Red-whiskered Wagtail, Grey Wagtail, Pied Bush Chat, Blyth’s Reed Warbler, Barn Swallow, Spotted Dove, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Brahminy Kite and Long-tailed Shrike.

The fresh foggy mountains with its cool breeze and scenic views will definitely bring out the hopeless romantic in you. The entire trip to Meghamalai is straight out of a picture postcard with breathtaking views at every corner. You will definitely love this romantic adventure and will keep coming back for more!

For honeymooners, this region provides a perfect escape. This area, now mostly covered with tea plantations, is home to the Cloudlands, Highways, and Manalaar estates.

Accommodation At Meghamalai The place offers very limited options for one to stay, some of the recommendations would be Cloud Mountain Bungalow, Sand River Cottage which is located in the Manalar Estate. And a few more near the bus stand. It is highly advised to pre-book the rooms and take few camping tents along with you.

Weather And The Best Time To Visit 
The best season to visit is during the winter season, and the best months to visit start from October all the way up to May. The summers here are generally hot and it's best to avoid the summer months.

Places To Visit In Meghamalai 

1. Meghamalai Wildlife Sanctuary Spread across an area of 600 kms, it is one of the most important tourist attractions of the place. The tea and coffee gardens attract a large number of tourists pan-India and is a perfect destination to make your holidays memorable.

2. Meghamalai Falls Also known as 'Clouds landfall', it is very popular for the rapidly falling water from a height of 190 ft throughout the year.

3.Vellimalai It is considered as the heart of Meghamalai. Vellimalai offers a serene and pleasant environment from where one can see the scientifically planned tea gardens and wild animals. Meghamalai is one good place to wander around without much restrictions. The never ending tea hills and the callings of the various animals simply adds to the beautiful experience that awaits you. It is a place where you can relax without anything to worry about.

Sightseeing / Tourist attractions

  • Highwayvs Dam
  • Highwayvs Lake
  • Manalar Dam
  • Deep Cumbum Valley and the villages
  • Upper Manalar Estate
  • Vattaparrai
  • Venniyar Tea Estate
  • Iravagalar Dam
  • Maharaja Mettu – A bird’s eye view
  • Magarajothi hills View of Sri Iyyappan temple.
  • Thekkadi Viewpoint
  • Elephant Corridor -amazing point
  • Pothai pull medu
  • Megamalai rain forest
  • Manalar Waterfalls
  • Thoovanam
  • Game set Block no 27 – amazing point
  • Vellimalai

Meghamali is famous for wild elephants and some other wild animals,  Elephants and beauty of the estates inspired us to go there.  
While reaching meghamalai we spotted only the tracks of elephants but we could not see any elephants,  we enquired the officer in the government office where we can find the elephants and do we need to take any local/guide with us? he asked us to go one estate in the early morning to find them, if someone else find the elephants i will inform you and no need of guide.  Generally they are not harmful until we disturb them.  Next day early morning we took the way suggested by the officer,  Meghamalai is so beautiful in the morning and with lush green estates and cloud touching peaks, amazing views.  We roamed around many estates still our luck didn't favored us, we have returned to guest house with sad faces.

Meghamalai is one of it's type,  mix of wildlife, tea estates around small dams and to add more it is not polluted yet.  Ideal for leisure walking, small hiking and elephant tracking. Meghamalai surrounded by lot of other beautiful destinations like Kurangani, kazhugumalai hiking,  Periyar tiger reserve and Thekkady.  We are planning to go to track elephants in meghamalai  again and to enjoy one more relishing weekend.

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Jawadhu Hills - Landscape Beauty

Feel the beauty of Green Landscapes - Jawadhu Hills

The Javadhu Hills (also Jawadhi, Jawadhu Hills) are an extension of the Eastern Ghats spread across parts of Vellore and Tiruvannamalai districts in the northern part of the state of Tamil Nadu in southeastern India.This range separates Vellore and Tiruvannamalai districts. Vellore district lies on the north western side and Tiruvannamalai district lies on the south eastern side of this range. About 50 miles (80 km) wide and 20 miles (32 km) long, they are bisected into eastern and western sections by the Cheyyar and Agaram rivers, tributaries of the Palar. They consist of bluish gray granites, with peaks averaging 3,600–3,800 feet (1,100–1,150 m). The hills are sparsely populated; the majority of the inhabitants are Malayali tribespeople, though other castes are also present.[1] There are many tourist places near Javadhu Hills, e.g., the Beemanmadavu waterfalls. The Indian astronomer Vainu Bappu selected the hills as the site of the Kavalur Observatory (VBO), which began operations in 1967. The towns of Tirupattur, Vaniyambadi and Ambur of Vellore district are located on the north western side and the towns of Chengam and Polur of Tiruvannamalai district are located on the south eastern side .

Image result for jawadhu hills trekking


From Chennai Take NH4, Chennai-Poonamallee Bypass- Arcot and take Arni road, after Arni Bypass take the Polur Road, upon reaching Polur town, ask the route for Aththimur and after Aththimur one can see the sign boards for Jamuna Marathur. The weather and roads are very nice, thanks to Tamil Nadu government and its state highways department for maintaining the roads in good condition. Please Avoid driving at night or dark hours Safe timing for travelling is 6am-5pm, After polur town To jamuna marathur 40 km of Ghat roads, mostly one cannot see any shops or even people. But it is mind blowing road. Places like Bheeman falls have become alcohol drinking spot for the tourist groups, so not so safe for families unless law and order is enforced.

Walking down the mountain trails; trekking along the banks of the stream; relishing the chill breeze soothing through nostrils; pleasing sun rays piercing the murky clouds; the songs of the birds adding melody in the air; breaking the morning laziness we started our trek from Senbagagathopu village which lies on the Northeast of the Javadhu range.

Trekking along the river trails and visiting various hamlets:

The trek started along a trail of a river penetrating into the jungles and passing through the rocky mountain. Both the side of the trail was surrounded by sky-high peaks and the trek in between them was mind blowing.

From here we trekked and trekked and finally in the evening we encountered a 30 mts high splendid waterfall which was a delight for the tired soul. The pool in front of the waterfall was very scenic. After spending considerable time with the natural beauty we started to trek along the river in search for a place to camp for the night. 

Few guys started making a campfire to keep them warm and I could see the crowd around the fire slowly started increasing unable to manage the cold. Shivering to the chillness in the breeze they spent their night sitting beside the campfire. I don’t think these guys will ever forget this night which gave them endless and chilling night.

The morning was very peaceful and thinking of yesterday night cold made our bones to tremble and to keep us warm we started to sit in the sun rays. Soon preparing and having our corn flakes for breakfast we disappeared into the forest to reach the day’s target of hitting the peak.
Image result for camping tents with campfire
Related image

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Bheemeshwari trek -

Bheemeshwari trek: wildlife at river Kaveri, rafting & permission

Bheemeshwari along Cauvery, is perfect weekend gateway for fishing, rafting and riverside trek.100 Kms from Bangalore; It’s a photographer paradise More details about Bheemeshwari and Muthati at the end of the post…..

The Swing of uncertainty (Prior to organizing trek):

There are three phases of attraction to any thing in this world except for true cases (Ok, this is what I think, I don’t impose it on you and,) the same applies to willingness of people to join for next trek after they glance through the pics of each past trek that I upload. A girlfriend would be the perfect example for the guys and “pain” of being someone’s girlfriend could also prove as a perfect example for girls. Keep on reading how……

Phase 1 (Growth):

So when I return from trek, looking at the photographs, almost everyone would ask if I could take them for trek next with me. In girlfriend context, you would find each other girl attractive until you find someone who can keep a lock over your greedy eyes.

Phase 2 (Stagnancy):

“Ok, this trek looks fine but….” As though you have started noticing the changes in your girlfriend and this is how they start “refusing with reasons”.

Phase 3 (Withering away):

“Sorry, I can’t join you. I have got a lot to do” So, all the numbers that you counted over your fingertips are slacking off in front of your eyes. But if your love and passion is true, nothing slacks off and nothing wither away. When I step out for her everytime:Preparation of food items before trekEvery time, when I would step out of my closet and go out for purchasing trekking stuffs, I would feel a gallon of ethereal blood pumped into my veins. Enya will peach some western classicals into my ears. I would step on air and inconceivable thoughts would keep haunting my mind. May be, I do daydreaming for trekking. With each more item purchased, I feel closer to nature.

What is adventure?

Anything planned is called a plan and anything not planned is called an adventure.

What we planned and what we got into? 

So, our plan was of taking riverside walk along Cauvery but we were welcomed by the forest department that “that was illegal”. Nice and cool. Any alternatives? Yeah, you can hire a guard and after paying to Muthathi forest department for venturing inside the forest.Muthathi forest department guide cum guard10 AM: Plain walk along river
Cauvery looks vast. As serene as a monk gone to God. It was ironical to see gallons of mighty Cauvery water, somewhere between first and middle phase of its life, flowing through valley and looking calm. As peaceful as song of an angel. Although murky yellow water would induce unknown fear nonetheless tranquility wins over extremity. “Anna! ask everyone to maintain silence and do not try to run away if they see elephant!” – Warns the guard with the gun. We maintained our silence for almost half an hour in hope that we would see elephants drinking water or bathing inside river but call it to our luck, we were unlucky. Probably, we had ventured inside the forest at wrong timings or shall I say, elephant follow a fixed routine and we were either running ahead of their routine or we were lagging behind.Alligator in river cauvery, BheemeshwariHowever we were little lucky as well, to see long tailed ape, alligators lying on rocks inside river, Kingfishers, horn-bills, Indian Bison and a few more variety of birds.  Our walk along the river was getting monotonous. Sight of alligators and chirping of birds were trying to create a ripple in the stagnant water walk of our life but the insatiable human mind was demanding “something more”.
Birds, Bheemeshwari, CauveryCan you recognize this bird? I am not that much of a bird-watcher

11.30 : The steep walk

And the demand of something more pushed us onto deciding climbing to ridge of the grassland hill along. Gradient: 40-50 degree Terrain: grassland, slippery and loose rocks At the beginning, everyone was on his own. Yeah, it becomes a bit difficult for the amateurs to maintain balance and climb up because they are not seasoned and moreover the loose soil was little decisive too. Demand of water, short breaks and lending helping hands saw a surge. The halo of climbing up the hill ate up the complaints of not encountering with wildlife. Safari on foot turned up into climb on the hill.BheemeshwariAnd yeah, when you sweat and when you look ahead measuring the distance you are still to climb; you get more focused towards being in your own and remaining inside the safe zone and which is what makes you forget all the worries of the mundane world. – And people call it by a name “A perfect weekend gateway” TRUE. Eventually we reached at the top. The surrounding views was just mind blowing. we could now see the long stretch of river for Kilometers and even hills beyond that. A silvern serpentine crisscrossing through green world. Hills were diminished. Winds leaning over tall grasses; Rocks heading out of running water as though seals looking out of sea water; Stones sitting firmly for years amid the grassland; We sat at the ridge for almost half an hour lost in nature.River Cauvery, BheemeshwariDescend from the ridge: Descending is always tougher than ascending because there are more chances of ankle twisting, loosing control and rolling down. And if you are acrophobic, fear of altitude would keep on haunting until you reach the safer zone down below at the plain. But we made it. and we conquered. There was a relief at everyone’s face when we touched the ground. A relief of coming out of labyrinth of fearsome and decisive steeps. In the end, we had slow and tiresome walk till Muthathi – fatigued, tired and almost with a belief that we are not going to encounter any wild animals at any cost. Curse it to imperfect configuration of the day. Even, the guard tucked bullet out of the gun finally. War was over. Every one had fought out to his best and was returning like a warrior with loads of nice memories from sunrise in Bangalore till afternoon in reserve forests with a secret vow to oneself that next time, we would conquer something bigger in intensity.Returning from Bheemeshwari

What to do?

– Can do Fishing at Galibore Fishing camp (Which none of us was interested)– Rafting at Bheemeshwari (Organized by private cottages at high costs)
– Coracle ride – RIverside trek / up the hills trek (Choose one of the treks while booking a guard at the Muthathi forest department
Name of the Guard assigned to us: Govind Swamy  (08453087326) (Thought might be useful to you)

What is legal/illegal? –

Liquor is illegal and is checked at the forest entry point (But we found a lot of people enjoying riverside with glasses on) – And, walking along the river

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NAGALLAPURAM - Eastern Ghats -

Nagalapuram falls is located near Arai village in Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh. Famous for along the waterfalls trekking in Nagalapuram hills, Below is the Nagalapuram trek information. But, before I start explaining about the trek, here is a basicNagalapuram trek map just for your reference:
Nagalapuram Trek Map for reference

How To Reach Nagalapuram waterfalls Trek?

First, understand that ‘Nagalapuram’ is a name of a town in the Andhra Pradesh. And ‘Nagalapuram waterfalls trek’ is different than just reaching the ‘Nagalapuram town’. ‘Nagalapuram waterfalls trek’ is around 18 Kms from the ‘Nagalapuram town’. 
To reach Nagalapuram waterfalls, search “Arai Village, Arai, Andhra Pradesh 517581” on Google maps. There is a motorable road until this village. The road from Nagalapuram to Arai village passes through the Pichatur town. This village is also the base village of the Nagalapuram trek.
From Pichatur, Arai village is around 11 Km. Once you reach Pichatur, you can also ask locals for the Arai village and they will guide you towards you the village.
Now you can refer the map above. Once reached over there, you can further drive up to the Nagala dam on the motorable road and park your vehicle near the dam.
If you have a driver with you, you can ask your driver to wait for you there overnight near the dam. Forget not to bring some food for him for the night. Chances are there that he would not be alone in the night because on weekends other trekking group’s vehicles will also be there. Else, you can lock your car there and start for the trek.
In the summer, you can even drive up to the water stream (refer the map above) from where the trek goes along the water stream. But it is advisable not to try driving on this raw trail with vehicles having low ground clearance. This is basically a kind of tractor trail.
The further trek follows along the water stream. This water stream on some point of its courses turns into waterfalls and water pools. So do not misjudge this trek as going to a waterfall. All the time, you would mostly be walking along the water stream.
Dam on Nagalapuram Trek
Dam on Nagalapuram Trek

Nagalapuram Trek Information:

Camping on Nagalapuram trek:

Nagalapuram trek is almost a flat trek and it should not be tough to find a 6×6 ft of space just beside the trail. But you might have to clear the bushes to make a perfect camping ground.

Parking on Nagalapuram trek

You can park your vehicle, as mentioned above, near the Nagala dam. Here is the vehicle parking fee as charged by the villagers for maintaining the road until the Nagala dam:
Bike: 40
Car: 80
Van: 120
Bus: 200

Guide for Nagalapuram trek:

It’s better to have someone with you who knows this trek well. In the case, if you have not someone like that with you then, there is a person at village Arai. His name is Mari (He understands only Telugu and Tamil), he organizes treks for people his number: 09550010278
Another person who could be of your help is Sarvana (he is the guy who will cut a receipt for parking for the Nagalapuram trek). He also organizes kind of a Treknic (Trekking + Picnic) for people.
Last time in July 2015, when I went I saw him driving 25 people on the tractor to the water stream; carrying biryani and helping them to have fun and picnic. His charge was Rupees 1500 for 25 people for driving to and fro in the tractor and guiding them on the Trek. He could also be contacted in case you are in plan to go into a group. He
He could also be contacted in case you are in plan to go into a group. He understands only Tamil and Telugu. His number is 09603690134 (Saravanan). It would also be better if you know swimming. You might enjoy more in the water pools.

Going with girls on Nagalapuram trek:

In the recent times, eve-teasing cases have come to highlight by some groups of people. So, unless there are not 3 to 4 guys in the group, I would recommend not to go there.

 Nagalapuram falls trek review:

Fours years ago when I went for Nagalapuram trek, it was not so much known and commercialized. There was hardly any garbage dump along the trail. Now-a-days, it’s sad to see garbage dumped every 100 meters along the whole trek route. It has become a common picnic point for people. They do not even care to bring back the garbage. My request to you will be to bring back the garbage. Though trek is very nice. Water level goes down in summer or pre-monsoon.

Nagalapuram trek permission:

Legally, you should register yourself at the Nnagalapuram town police station before entering the forest. But I seldom see people registering to the police station. It might be because Nagalapuram has become a very famous trek. But precautions should be taken.

 Important information on Nagalapuram trek

If you are going for Nagalapuram trekking for the first time then here are some information for you:
  • Please take a guide or an experienced person who has already been there before. If you can’t go with such person then here are some advice which might help you.
  • Once you reach Arai Village, you can ask in the village for some person to accompany you as a guide. Of course they will ask for some money, be ready to negotiate. If that person is ready to take you to the waterfalls and all, well and good. In case not then chances are higher that he will show you just the route.
  • Ask the person to leave you near the water stream. Or, even if he shows the ways to the water stream, try hearing the sound of the flowing water from a distance.
  • Once you reach the water stream, just keep on walking along the trail. The water stream will always be in your sight towards your left. And it never goes away from the trail.
  • The trail is pretty clear and Straight forward. Keep track of what all you saw on the way, in case you are feeling lost.
  • Until the second water stream, I think you should not get lost because, like I said, the trail is pretty clear. Except at a point where you will have to climb 8 feet rock which is really easy because steps are there.
  • Just before the second pool, one trail goes to the right and eventually to the top of the Nagalapuram hills. Don’t take that trail. Enjoy in the second pool and return. Forget not to carry swimming tubes.
  • I would not recommend going beyond the second water pool if you are a first timer.

Camp Fire @ Nagallapuram Caves

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Gandikota - Trekking Guide -

Gandikota - Trekking Guide

A slice of America’s famous Grand Canyon is in Andhra Pradesh. No Kidding. Just as River Colorado flows in Arizona, the River Penne flows among massive gorges through the Erramalai ranges in Andhra Pradesh. What’s more, there is a fort is located right at the edge of this gorge.
It is the Gandikota fort that was built in 1123 by a Chalukya king from nearby Bommanapalle village.
Gandi means gorse and kota means fort. This fort was built by a king from the Bommanapalle village that’s situated nearby. This fort was impregnable and in control of Pemmasani Nayaks for 300 years.
Those looking for a longer trek can hike till Mylavaram dam that’s 18 km away. While an asphalt road goes right up to the dam, you can also stay off the road during the hike.
How to do the trek
The trek begins from gate of Gandikota fort. Explore the fort area before you begin your trek. Keep walking along the inner wall of the fort. Within a short distance, you come to a mosque and then the ruins of the Ranganayaka Swamy temple.

Gandikota gorge
PC: Krishna Srivatsa Nimmaraju

While there are well-made paths up to the temple, the trail becomes a blur beyond that. The area has a million rocks placed in interesting patterns. Here, you will find a sign that reads ‘Penna George.’ This route leads up the edge of the gorge.
Following the straight-forward path is quite simple. But for adventure seekers, these rocks pose interesting trails. There are several prospects of bouldering and rock climbing.
Climb up to the edge and camp there for night to catch the first rays of the sun. The view is otherworldly, with golden rays of the sun lighting up the surface of the river.
Start your descent into the gorge soon after sunrise. The descent could be tricky as the rocky edges of Erramalai ranges are quite steep. Below, there’s a grassy valley surrounding River Penna. For those of you who don’t want to camp above, this is a good camping site.
The trek to Gandikota is a half day affair. So, it is necessary to plan your travel well so that you make the most of this short trek. Ideally, you should begin the trek around evening and camp at Gandikota at night, so that you catch the sunset as well as the sunset.  
PC: Krishna Srivatsa Nimmaraju
Note: This region, although steeped in history, displays neglect.It hasn’t been maintained well and you might well find a lot of garbage from the village near by. Try to steer clear off the areas close to the village.

Points of attraction at Gandikota Fort:

1. Gandikota fort, the walls, and the perimeter:

Gandikota fort is spread over miles. You can walk along the west fort wall perimeter and can enjoy the sunset and windmills stationed at a distance from there. At the fort, a history awaits you which has lost its force. Yeah! there too was a civilization there once and now left over with a small village. There are still remains of a mosque, temple, granary, a royal pond, clock tower and many more historical heritages. Watching the lost past impregnates a taste of inevitable mortality and philosophical liveliness of this ephemeral lifespan. They were there; they built; now they are no more but their heritages stand alone.
Sunset, windmills at gandikota
Vegetation at west fort walls

Ranganathaswamy temple, Gandikota:

The temple is made up of red granites. There is not any statue inside, but remnants of the temple are ideal for photographers. Also, there are Mantapas and pillars along the perimeter of the temple.
Surrounded by a series of Mantapas and stone pillars, the temple would cue you a movie scene. It is grand; it is spectacular; unlike other temples, the serenity has been prevailing here for centuries. No worship, no rush and no enchants. Still there is something mystical which would keep you engaged for hours even though there is not any single statue of any god. Air whistle through pillars; the life resonates within; eyes cant take of the stone stunners. They are abandoned once they must had their own life. Nothing seems to be permanent except the earth and sky.
Raghunatha swamy temple, Gandikota

Jamia masjid, Gandikota:

There are two parts of the mosque: the entrance and the mosque with two minarets. And beside the temple is the mosque. Hear any Sufi song when you are there. Imagine yourself surrounded by the great Sufi singers  sprinkling the melody of love slowly. Drink the elixir of love at the foundation of the Allah. There is no more lesson to learn; there is nothing more left to earn. There are the silent soothing currents floating over the air.
They would kiss you; teach you the lesson of life; the immortality is earned through deeds and Karma; there is only path to the piousness- the love. The love carved on the minarets with precise dexterity. The love embodied on the tomb on the name of divine supreme being. Ataraxis, Serenity, repose etc.. make your senses squeeze and smell silence for a while.
Jamia masjid front, GandikotaJamia masjid front
Jamia masjid, Gandikota
Main Jamia masjid

Madhavaraya temple, Gandikota:

A temple dedicated to lord Vishnu is in the west side of the village. It can be seen from a distance. There are small statues and sculptures of Hindu Gods carved over the Gopuram and walls of the temple.
Here comes the grandiosity but its derelict. Its looks like that a monument has been preserving an odyssey of Journey in its every brick and sculptures. Each sleight carving becharms the magnitude of the  social and cultural aspect of the lost kingdom. The dreams of the king, his realm, the people and the lost future preserved in granites.
Madhavaraya temple, GandikotaMadhavaraya temple, Gandikota
Madhavaraya temple and Jamia Masjid as seen from Raghunathaswamy temple, gandikotaMadhavaraya temple and Jamia Masjid as seen from Raghunathaswamy temple, Gandikota
The unity in diversity. The talking monuments; the eternal feeling; the ethereal dimension. When I looked at the above picture again, they appeared to me as though the two lost entities in the race of civilization, left behind. But they stopped over there and an ultimate chronicle rose from bewildered and retiring times and leapt inside these memorials. The curator of fourth dimension knew that one day the race of civilization would slack off and it had to uphold an exceptional reference which would always remind the society of orders of the past.

The granary, Gandikota:

The granary is said to be used for storing grains. It is adjacent to the Jamia masjid and to the west of Raghunathaswamy temple.
The granary, Gandikota
The Granary, Gandikota

The Royal tank, Gandikota:

You have to walk a little bit from the Madhavaraya temple towards the west walls of the fort to see the royal tank. Royal tank is a perennial spring irrigating some lime and plantain gardens.
Royal tank, GandikotaRoyal tank, Gandikota

Penna river gorges and Gandikota Images:

200-300 meters east of the Raghunathaswamy temple,  lies the river Penna gorge. It is said to be the “Grand canyon of India”. The gorges are almost 300 feet deep from the cliff which made the fort almost unconquerable due to its natural defense.
River Penna gorge eastwards, GandikotaRiver Penna gorge towards the east
River Penna gorge canyon to the westRiver Penna gorge to the west
Rocks arranged purposefully or those were randoms? Did I see a huge human stone face looking up into the sky? The layer after layers of rocks and fine but considerable cracks running through them. It was a pilgrimage for the adventurer like me. I see my God here. The god in leprose canyon faces. The white angels in form of the cranes flying over Penna river and white flickering shadows running beneath them. The calm river not less than the Colorado looking like a sleeping beauty. I wish there should be temperature inversion which would fill the canyon with natural thick fog in winters.
I wished much more than this. I wish I were an eagle. I would have my nest in one of the highest cracks at the creeks far from civilization. I would have flied much higher in the sky and would have taken the tour of the valley and canyon everyday.  I would have loved to watch my own shadow floating seamlessly over the sleeping water. In the evening, I would have sat at the highest peak. I would have enjoyed the red glittering stones shining under the setting sun. Sometimes, they had be yellow, then orange then maroon and they would have finally turned black in the night. But on the full moon day, I would have been the luckiest eagle on this universe to watch the black valley turning into a golden valley gradually for the whole night. 
other side of the RIver penna gorge canyon, GandikotaOpposite side of the river Penna gorge
Along the steep gorges canyon, Gandikota
Someday, I would love to have a bit of  Christopher McCandless with in me. I would dare to narrate my own story. I would bring my own kayaks. I would slip into the river and I would explore with a high zoom camera along with my friends. Looking at the private life of untouched beauty like a virgin girl and secret homes of birds. I would love to get down. I would love to explore the cracks. I will burn a flash inside them. I would find a new route for the civilization in the lost civilization. I made a dream and may be, someone else might complete it before I do but I will. Someday.
A group of birds flying in the Morning