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NAGALLAPURAM - Eastern Ghats -

Nagalapuram falls is located near Arai village in Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh. Famous for along the waterfalls trekking in Nagalapuram hills, Below is the Nagalapuram trek information. But, before I start explaining about the trek, here is a basicNagalapuram trek map just for your reference:
Nagalapuram Trek Map for reference

How To Reach Nagalapuram waterfalls Trek?

First, understand that ‘Nagalapuram’ is a name of a town in the Andhra Pradesh. And ‘Nagalapuram waterfalls trek’ is different than just reaching the ‘Nagalapuram town’. ‘Nagalapuram waterfalls trek’ is around 18 Kms from the ‘Nagalapuram town’. 
To reach Nagalapuram waterfalls, search “Arai Village, Arai, Andhra Pradesh 517581” on Google maps. There is a motorable road until this village. The road from Nagalapuram to Arai village passes through the Pichatur town. This village is also the base village of the Nagalapuram trek.
From Pichatur, Arai village is around 11 Km. Once you reach Pichatur, you can also ask locals for the Arai village and they will guide you towards you the village.
Now you can refer the map above. Once reached over there, you can further drive up to the Nagala dam on the motorable road and park your vehicle near the dam.
If you have a driver with you, you can ask your driver to wait for you there overnight near the dam. Forget not to bring some food for him for the night. Chances are there that he would not be alone in the night because on weekends other trekking group’s vehicles will also be there. Else, you can lock your car there and start for the trek.
In the summer, you can even drive up to the water stream (refer the map above) from where the trek goes along the water stream. But it is advisable not to try driving on this raw trail with vehicles having low ground clearance. This is basically a kind of tractor trail.
The further trek follows along the water stream. This water stream on some point of its courses turns into waterfalls and water pools. So do not misjudge this trek as going to a waterfall. All the time, you would mostly be walking along the water stream.
Dam on Nagalapuram Trek
Dam on Nagalapuram Trek

Nagalapuram Trek Information:

Camping on Nagalapuram trek:

Nagalapuram trek is almost a flat trek and it should not be tough to find a 6×6 ft of space just beside the trail. But you might have to clear the bushes to make a perfect camping ground.

Parking on Nagalapuram trek

You can park your vehicle, as mentioned above, near the Nagala dam. Here is the vehicle parking fee as charged by the villagers for maintaining the road until the Nagala dam:
Bike: 40
Car: 80
Van: 120
Bus: 200

Guide for Nagalapuram trek:

It’s better to have someone with you who knows this trek well. In the case, if you have not someone like that with you then, there is a person at village Arai. His name is Mari (He understands only Telugu and Tamil), he organizes treks for people his number: 09550010278
Another person who could be of your help is Sarvana (he is the guy who will cut a receipt for parking for the Nagalapuram trek). He also organizes kind of a Treknic (Trekking + Picnic) for people.
Last time in July 2015, when I went I saw him driving 25 people on the tractor to the water stream; carrying biryani and helping them to have fun and picnic. His charge was Rupees 1500 for 25 people for driving to and fro in the tractor and guiding them on the Trek. He could also be contacted in case you are in plan to go into a group. He
He could also be contacted in case you are in plan to go into a group. He understands only Tamil and Telugu. His number is 09603690134 (Saravanan). It would also be better if you know swimming. You might enjoy more in the water pools.

Going with girls on Nagalapuram trek:

In the recent times, eve-teasing cases have come to highlight by some groups of people. So, unless there are not 3 to 4 guys in the group, I would recommend not to go there.

 Nagalapuram falls trek review:

Fours years ago when I went for Nagalapuram trek, it was not so much known and commercialized. There was hardly any garbage dump along the trail. Now-a-days, it’s sad to see garbage dumped every 100 meters along the whole trek route. It has become a common picnic point for people. They do not even care to bring back the garbage. My request to you will be to bring back the garbage. Though trek is very nice. Water level goes down in summer or pre-monsoon.

Nagalapuram trek permission:

Legally, you should register yourself at the Nnagalapuram town police station before entering the forest. But I seldom see people registering to the police station. It might be because Nagalapuram has become a very famous trek. But precautions should be taken.

 Important information on Nagalapuram trek

If you are going for Nagalapuram trekking for the first time then here are some information for you:
  • Please take a guide or an experienced person who has already been there before. If you can’t go with such person then here are some advice which might help you.
  • Once you reach Arai Village, you can ask in the village for some person to accompany you as a guide. Of course they will ask for some money, be ready to negotiate. If that person is ready to take you to the waterfalls and all, well and good. In case not then chances are higher that he will show you just the route.
  • Ask the person to leave you near the water stream. Or, even if he shows the ways to the water stream, try hearing the sound of the flowing water from a distance.
  • Once you reach the water stream, just keep on walking along the trail. The water stream will always be in your sight towards your left. And it never goes away from the trail.
  • The trail is pretty clear and Straight forward. Keep track of what all you saw on the way, in case you are feeling lost.
  • Until the second water stream, I think you should not get lost because, like I said, the trail is pretty clear. Except at a point where you will have to climb 8 feet rock which is really easy because steps are there.
  • Just before the second pool, one trail goes to the right and eventually to the top of the Nagalapuram hills. Don’t take that trail. Enjoy in the second pool and return. Forget not to carry swimming tubes.
  • I would not recommend going beyond the second water pool if you are a first timer.

Camp Fire @ Nagallapuram Caves


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